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Audio Buddha by Cazimiera

Concentrated Audio LovingKindness

Had a really amazing shift in my lovingkindness & sitting practices. I’ve begun to use the guided audio meditations that are provided on the Real Happiness audio CD and I’m finding them quite supportive.  The addition of the guided meditations Read More

Walking Snow Yeti Sighting

Walking Meditation: Winds of Change

The past week has been bitterly cold but despite winter’s bone chilling embrace I am deeply enjoying layering my daily practice with the walking meditation Sharon suggests as apart of the second week of the online Real Happiness Challenge.  As Read More

It Gets Better by Tamara Craiu

Concentration Game: It Gets Better

As I’ve made space to meditate daily in the past month leading up to & during the Real Happiness challenge it’s begun a chain reaction of change.  Nothing dramatic or worth spending to many words on but I’m beginning to Read More