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Day 5: Magic Moment

I skipper a beat or two. I don’t think I did Day 4, and I’m doing Day 5 a day late. In a way, this is perfect. First, it’s typical for me; I struggle to be consistent when I commit Read More

Day 3: Breath with Mental Noting

It was clear what I would try today, once I’d settled into my admittedly floppy pose (there are pros and cons to meditating on a couch). I used the mental note of “in” and “out” for a minute, but then Read More

Day Two: Hearing Meditation

Our house is very quiet. My dad, my brother, and I live in a 55+ development outside a small town. My dad was eating, and my brother was watching a movie on his tablet, with headphones on, so the house Read More

Day One: Breath Meditation

This type of meditation was the first I ever encountered, in a significant way, at least. I found my way to Jon Kabat-Zinn and his Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program, and, over the years, it’s been very important in my own Read More