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Breathing by numbers or colors?

I found that this method of meditating was good, though i think i prefer using words for the out breath rather than numbers. I like to use groups of words such as saying colours on the out breath, or countries, Read More

Adding love to my in breath

What words did i add to my in and out breath? Well, i decided to add Love to my IN breath and i added what i want love to replace to my OUT breath, words such as despair and overwhelmed.  Read More

Hearing Meditation

Being present with the sounds around me is a great way to move myself into the present moment since sound exists all around me, like this. Also really  liked the idea of “Meeting any experience with openness, spaciousness, and kindness” Read More

Breathing can be relaxing

I enjoyed today’s mediation with the theme of observing our breath. It was helpful to have a lot of latitude in how we did it, found i was more relaxed because of this. I am enjoying this course and look Read More