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Space Between

This has been a very rewarding and gratifying month as I have been able to re-establish a focused and steady practice. I have found it easier to slip into the space between and experience the freedom and peace that it offers. Thank you Sharon Salzberg, your Read More

The Present

During meditation, I sometimes find myself getting caught up with difficult thoughts or emotions and if I go in too deep and try to analyze and understand, things get murky and cloudy, questions begets questions. I have difficulty letting go until I get to Read More

Warm Fuzzy

Sending lovingkindness out to all beings gave me such a feeling of comfort. I kept it very general and broad so as to not get caught up with ‘difficult’ beings. As such, I felt hopeful. I felt grateful for all the good that Read More

Continual Drift

It was difficult to remain focused during today’s lovingkindness towards others meditation. As I directed my attention to the various categories, I could not help but feel an immediate reaction of judgement. I would then wander off on tangents, recalling what I Read More

Embrace Energy

Opening the Heart meditation has got to be one of the most powerful and nurturing meditations I can offer myself. I am not certain what metaphysical aspects come into play here, but during this practice, I can actually feel a gathering of Read More

Paradigm Shift

Practicing lovingkindness is really a unique way to think and see. When walking around in my community, I am usually focused on my end goal (shopping list, appointments, errands…). Regarding strangers, I either direct judgments or indifference their way. When I bump into Read More

Optimal Standards

I am an optimist, and so much of what drives me is a desire to be ‘my best’. I am OK with my best not being perfect, but I strive nonetheless. So when I focus on mistakes or weaknesses, the intention is Read More

Incremental Awareness

As I continue with my meditation practice, experiencing productive and seemingly unproductive sessions, the aggregate is improved awareness. In my daily life, I am beginning to see the impact. Occasions when I am frenzied and feel time is slipping away, or instances when I encounter the Read More

Simple Breath

Like seeing a silver lining flash behind a dark cloud, a ray of light pierce through a dim space, a rainbow materialize after a storm or a sweet baby smile, these temporary phenomena can quickly and easily shift my emotional state. They are magical to behold. They also Read More

Confident Fear

Fear is made up of many emotions. One that seems to play a large role for me is my level of confidence. Take for example, skiing (I went today with my family, so this is fresh in my mind). When I am Read More