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Thought Patterns

I am beginning to feel the space between reacting and responding. During calm moments, it is easy to respond appropriately. But during an intense moment, it is very hard not to react, and sometimes not in the best way. As I have been developing Read More

Noticing Limits

Fortunately, I am able to sit with difficult and intense emotions. I understand that these moments pass and positive energy will come again. So I get it, and when I am in a bad mood or if something distressing occurs, I am content to Read More

Positive Space

No doubt, raising my two boys is demanding and at times can be overwhelming, despite my unwavering love and affection for them. Meditation has definitely helped me find the space to practice more self-compassion and indulge my interests without feeling guilty. I Read More

Aerial View

Today I used mental notation to take a bird’s eye perspective and tried to just observe myself, my thoughts and emotions rise and recede without adding additional thoughts and emotions. Judgement did creep in as I would adjust my posture as I Read More

Enlightened Dishes

I try to get chores and household tasks done as quickly as possible. I guess scrubbing dishes keeps me from more exciting activities that I can do… even though I will probably not be doing anything much more exciting in Read More

Wispy Steam

Today, I went with the classic, drinking tea. First I had to find my elaborate Japanese tea set to make it special. Hmm, maybe I am missing the point here about meditating on an everyday activity. Regardless, this set up got me Read More

Foreign Meals

While I sat to attempt the eating meditation today, I realize that I do plenty of multitasking while eating. Even when I sit down with my family to capture quality time and enjoy a meal together, our attention is focused on some forced Read More

Authentic Experience

Walking outside helps recalibrate the stress in my life. I focus on the sights in front of me, the smells and sounds around me, the pathway ahead and the rhythm that develops from my pace. As my mind begins to drift into thought, I can be Read More

Good Stretch

I can’t help it! Whenever I sit for a body scan meditation, I am compelled to stretch as I feel the tension and realize the stress in my body. If I focus on a body part, I will then need to flex, Read More

Shoveling Snow

I definitely do not need much prompting to recognize the achiness and stiffness my body feels from shoveling snow today from Winter Storm Niko. Immediately I lament how out of shape I have become. Perhaps my age is catching up and it is all Read More