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Grounding Flight

This is not a story about airplane phobia. I love to fly. The promise of adventures in lands far or near is a lure I cannot resist. Once on the plane, I can relax. The fun has officially begun. Well Read More

Dueling Duality

“Picture a peaceful scene where you feel calm and relaxed or remember a pleasant time like your honeymoon.” Similar statements like these were said to me by a well-intentioned nurse. And just like the encouragement to breathe, this positive technique Read More

Snowball Effect

All I can manage right now, this afternoon, is a slow tapping away at my keyboard to fulfill my blog commitment as I glance over at my sleeping, feverish child. At this moment, after a fitful night, he looks comfortable and I am Read More

Redefine Meaningful

Escape from the usual and ordinary. That is one reason why I create a bucket list. No matter how many times I am presented with a daily chore, I immediately feel irritated and resist. I would rather be doing something more exciting. When I think Read More

Buttered Salt

My son’s wide-eyed, “but I want you there” statement guilted me into altering my schedule yesterday so that I could attend his classroom Valentine’s Day party. I am not the most spirited joiner and I usually meet these commitments with Read More

Patient Blueberry

I gathered some blueberries and cheese, two items found at the front of my fridge in preparation for this morning’s ‘eating meditation.’ While cutting up pieces of cheese, I mindlessly ate most of the sample. Score one for automatic pilot. Eating mindfully Read More

Got This!

Deadlines and activities crush my day today. What else is a must on my ‘to-do list’ in addition to the usual overtaxing, running of the household, daily-life routine stuff? A few design assignments (a couple of NY Times ads and a Read More

An Awakening

All it took was a subtle nudge. A segue into a discussion on body awareness from a person none other than a mental health professional (a shout out to Jennifer!). One morning, guided through a briefly led ‘body scan meditation,’ similar to the one from Read More

Batsh*t Crazy

True Story: Since I am not fond that my children raid the cookie jar, I hide the sweets in different places throughout my home. Recently and as usual, my 5 year-old’s hunting skills located the cache. He found the stash Read More

Mindful Pacing

This week opens with ‘walking meditation’ part 1. My excitement and momentum to practice meditation is increasing as it builds upon simple methods to gain awareness, towards more complex (though… still basic) integration involving sensation. This week, I feel encouraged to adjust the pace, perhaps take the next step… Walking. Read More

May all beings be happy ♡