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Stinky Cat

Does the television show Friends have a trademark on “smelly cat?” Unfortunately, I know why they wrote that episode. “Can we talk” about today’s ‘distraction meditation?’ Some clouds need desperate measures before they can pass on by. As I started to concentrate, I caught a Read More

Eighth Dwarf

Today’s ‘meditation on balance’ contained lovely explanations about the opposing forces encountered during meditation. I really enjoyed listening as it was filled with lots of rich imagery and for a somewhat inexplicable reason, I conjured up an image of snow Read More

The Puppet

Harsh! That word characterizes the tone of my inner voice during today’s, ‘how do you speak to yourself meditation.’ My demeanor could generally be described as kind, but definitely not that voice when it goes astray. When things are going well, my Read More

Skiing Sheep

This ‘counting meditation’ struck me as very similar to yesterday’s method, but with a notable difference. Instead of a verbal cue, a numerical indicator was used. I see a pattern developing with these different methods of meditation that ties into Read More

Bad Coffee

What a very straightforward method of meditation. That was until an unrelated word popped into my head… As I have been doing so each morning, I took my last sip of coffee as I sat down at my computer ready Read More

Buzzing Cicadas

Acquiring better skill to manage my emotional reactivity and finding more balance in my day-to-day is what drew me to meditate. In the short while that I have practiced, I have felt the benefits of mindfulness, as I have been Read More

Healthy Breath

Focusing on the breath is difficult. My mind does wander, but the wandering usually starts the same way. My mother passed a few years ago. She had ALS, but died of respiratory failure. (though… isn’t all death eventually met with Read More

New Dimension

Thank you Sharon Salzberg for offering this meditation challenge. Last year, I was officially introduced to meditation when I attended a practice featuring Ms. Salzberg at Tibet House in NYC. That experience confirmed the power of first impressions and so began a transformation. I Read More