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Competing for attention

My busy mind is constantly capturing thoughts and following them, investigating them, proving or disproving them. Piggybacking on those thoughts are others, competing for attention. My mind and body have been begging for calm for as long as I can Read More

Calm and tranquility.

The call of meditation, for me, is a call for calm. I’ve always been anxious, outgoing, a thinker, a leader, an idea generator, restless… In the hunt for balance, in listening to my thoughts and understanding my emotions, I long Read More

1, 2, 3, 4…

Today’s counting the breath meditation technique is another that I will absolutely try to incorporate into my practice. I’ve felt most comfortable with guided meditations for the last few years as they tend to help me keep my focus and Read More

A word

In todays lesson, upon learning about using a word to help you follow your breath, I thought I would welcome it. Yesterday I almost felt as if I had been given permission to acknowledge sounds during meditation without judgement, which Read More

Actively listening

In beginning this practice I found myself seeking sounds and actively listening for them. I gently let go of this and was able to let the sounds just be. It was lovely, I meditated well past the end of the Read More

First challenge

This is the first time I’ve committed to a meditation challenge. I’ve been building a practice, slowly, for about a year and I am hopeful that this challenge will take me to the next level of commitment and loving kindness Read More