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Meta Effects

Today’s #RealHappiness challenge day 26, Sharon Salzberg really went into depth about the Meta (loving kindness) meditation, and broadened it’s scope. I never thought of expanding it to beings in the earth, sea, or air. Which makes sense when thinking Read More

Chicken or Egg?

Mindfulness seems to expand our awareness to deeper levels and scope, yet one is aware of being mindful. I was trying to contemplate the difference between mindfulness and awareness and decided they are intimate lovers, inseperable, and nurturing.

When washing cups wash cups

While the benefits of mindfulness may sometimes seem elusive, the effects of distraction can be quite clear. When washing a heavy ceramic mug my attention turned to something else consequently smashing the cup against the sink. It’s just a cup, Read More

This is not breath Day 7

Day 7 instruction is very helpful. When discursive thoughts arise during Shamatha Vipassana meditation instead of labeling them as “thinking,” saying “this is not breath,” allows more ease and focus back to the breath. Thank you!

May all beings be happy ♡