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I left it late today and so I did not get the full benefit of the practice itself but I am glad that I made the commitment to do it every day and that it seems to be sticking so Read More

Walking Meditation!

I always think of the Laurie Anderson song “Walking and Falling” (I’m an old) when I do walking meditation, but this was the first one I’ve done since I shattered my ankle a year and a half ago. I am Read More

Waking Up

I love that each meditation is short enough that you really notice both the scatter and the focus. I thought I was all scatter but I am not. It’s closer to 50-50 and with equal intensity, which is a wonderful Read More

That was cool!

Yesterday, I finished my blog with a question about balance. It wasn’t quite the right question, as it turned out, but it also was the one that got answered in today’s meditation. (I am encountering a funny meditation problem. I Read More

Attention. Distraction.

Day 5, and I’m still very skittish even for these very short sessions.  Evenings are definitely worse but I haven’t been able to do the last two mornings. I am listening carefully for my tone in my self-talk—I am an Read More


Air tickling my nostrils, I pay attention as long as I can while my child’s noises vie for my attention. So glad I had yesterday’s reminder about letting sounds drift along so that I could focus on my own breath Read More

Day 2 Sending Out My Ears

Today’s meditation was hilarious.  Sharon told me I didn’t have to send out my ears, looking for sounds, but that’s what I did.  She said I didn’t have to try and control the sounds or name them, but that’s what Read More

Am I Doing This Right?

It’s always a question for me. Today, when I checked my email, the Day One meditation wasn’t there. Yesterday, I got the Day One from 2019, so today I used that one. Despite my worry that I wasn’t doing it Read More

Before We Begin

Hi everyone. I signed up to blog for two reasons: first, I am hoping it will make me more accountable. I signed up for the last two or three mediations, and they were valuable, but I also lacked consistency and Read More