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Daily routines

Bringing mindfulness into daily routines and activities disallow any preoccupation with the future or the past. It feels natural. My body holds less tension. Things feel more balanced. I noticed that when I eat and drink mindfully I consume less Read More

Appreciating contrast

Each moment brings newness to the present moment, which is in a state of constant flux. The body scan helped bring attention to parts of me I would otherwise ignore, if there is no existing physical discomfort. The practice today Read More

Moving parts of pain

Today’s practice allowed me to truly be with what IS. And I will take this and apply it to everything I do today. For once I stayed with the pain in my right knee. The pain felt like fire at Read More

Jumpy and scattered

I began today’s practice as soon as I got up. As I sat down and closed my eyes, my focus was on the breath. Breath, not the breath. My mind did not wander. Instead it began to quickly fire off Read More

Breathing through it all

I never received today’s practice. The first 5 days of practice were logged into my journal because I simply did not take the time to familiarize myself with blogging. And so I breathe in deeply. And breathe out slowly. Releasing Read More

May all beings be happy ♡