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Begin again

I had a wonderful meditation, surrounded by my benefactors — then promptly got sucked into fighting with my landlord over text message, not the most metta kind of day! Oof. My big takeaway is it’s never too late to start Read More

Still at it

Just reporting that it’s Day 23 and I’m still at it! Blogs are getting shorter but I’m sticking with this challenge and happy we arrived at metta at last! I didn’t do much walking today but incorporated lovingkindness in massage Read More

Oh my goodness

Good in self: Washing a pot joyfully for my hosts. Exchanging smiles with Rebecca. Being a companion to a new friend. Good in others: hosts making me dinner. C inviting me to poetry reading. A’s ebullience on stage. May all Read More


I enjoyed today’s message about spaciousness. Lately I’ve been experiencing sitting meditation as taking a vacation from doing. Just basking in non-doing for an hour. It makes it feel less like a task to check off and more like BE-ing.


I’m noticing lately how little effort it takes to open to joy. It was helpful to do that in seated practice today and then return to it during the day. For example: Driving 2 hours on the highway, I remembered Read More

Day 19

Oof, anger. One thing I noticed today is the firey energy behind it. I feel like my torso is a billows, fanning a flame. Which actually felt kind of invigorating when I dropped the story (arguing with my former partner Read More

Thoughts are not me

So many thoughts! It was a relief today to remember that I am not my thoughts. What am I? I asked myself that during meditation. The answer that came up: the internal steadiness/calmness that is always accessible by paying attention Read More

Piling on

I’m feeling anxious this evening, just in time to write this blog entry about difficult emotions. Feeling a tightening in the chest and noticing how quickly I go into story — e.g. this side job I just took on is Read More


Anger. Desire. Sadness. Anxious planning. Joyful planning. Fantasy. All of these visited me today on an 11-hour meditation retreat. A good reminder that emotions are impermanent and impersonal. They come and go. I was glad to wake up, over and Read More


I sat with a lot of dukkha today — or rather, tried to run from it. A lot of stress and anxiety about plans that remain up in the air. Wanting to control the future. I appreciated the washing dishes Read More

May all beings be happy ♡