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Thank You

I fell asleep.  During the last day of the challenge and practice I fell asleep. I had grand plans for listening to the last recording on the beach at sunset with my spouse who was also completing the challenge.  We Read More

States of Being

  I recently bought a mood ring for our nine year old nephew.  I tried a lot of the rings on while deciding which one to buy.  I slipped each one on and waited for the verdict.  All of them Read More


Life is full of hard edges.  I am trying to look at the world with softer eyes.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not.  Learning to hold both is kindness. I have this quote from Gahndi on my refrigerator: Read More

Holding Kindness

I feel both light and full after practicing the loving kindness practices from yesterday and today.  Like a sponge, feelings of love and kindness fill my pores.  I ring out the excess.  I feel just enough remain for the work Read More

Coffee Grinder Tears

I feel powerful. Turning toward all the feelings this week has been an unexpected gift in this season of my life. But like any renewing practice it has also meant some uncomfortable moments in the stretching and growing.  Like when Read More


I was feeling mad today, but I am not mad.  I was feeling sad today, but I am not sad.  Right now I feel joy, but am not joy. There is so much freedom in knowing that all these feelings are Read More

Keep Breathing

“It’s not my anger, it’s anger,” Sharon said in the meditation today.    This is a hard one for me.  When I was five my younger brother came along.  And once he was born the world was divided into his Read More

On the Shore

We used to live beside a river.  In the summer neighbors would spend a lot of time in boats on the river.  One neighbor had an old, small pontoon boat that they decorated in festive colors and many flags and Read More


My husband has cancer. And in today’s practice I noticed that my anger and fear about that fact was lodged at the base of my throat.   Sharon’s gentle instruction helped me stay with the thing lodged in my throat Read More

May all beings be happy ♡