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Showing Up

I woke up this morning with aches in my stomach because I laughed myself silly sick last night.  I used the memory of last nights fun in the practice this morning. While hanging out with family pure joy happened in me Read More

Two Week Check-In

At two weeks of faithfully doing particular practices of the challenge I am awake to how tired I am.  Which leaves me open and vulnerable, realizing I am not really looking forward to washing dishes while the world feels like Read More

Tea Break

I love tea.  I have a tea maker that rivals any fancy coffee machine.  I only use loose tea.  I even have a traveling tea maker kit I take on business trips and vacation. We purchased the tea maker five Read More

Mindful Eating, Mindful Being

I grew up eating a lot of meat.   I thought vegetarians were strange.  Missing out.  Just trying to put on a show.  Being difficult. And now I am one.  A vegetarian. It started with a small thought In my Read More

Walk Soft

When the practice calls for movement I am grateful for the transcript.  It is a helpful reminder of how I aspire to move through the world today.  So far, taking the practice for a spin around the house, I notice Read More


My dad was a volunteer firefighter.  He was always ready to leave the house at a moments notice.  We had a scanner in our family room for most of my childhood so that he could monitor the emergency activity of Read More

May You be Free

“I hurt.”  “I just don’t feel so good.” “I am in pain.” I have been known to utter these statements, especially at the end of a particularly long day.     And once I have attached those statements to my Read More

Walk Like An Elephant

“Just remember to walk like an elephant,” the teacher said.  These were her instructions before we enetered the labyrinth.  Then she told us elephants can’t see their feet so to compensate they are careful to have all of the surface Read More

Getting True With My Breath

Last week I went to my first bicycle maintenance class at a local organization that fixes donated bikes for re-use in the community.  We learned how to make a bicycle wheel true.  Truing is the process where you use a Read More

Making Room to Receive the Breath

This practice today – finding balance, keeping curious, receiving the breath – seems so simple.  It asks me to sit in the balance of everything and nothing, to forget my empty tea cup and dirty cereal bowl, and take one Read More

May all beings be happy ♡