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Secret Powers

I opened my eyes expecting a magician to be sitting next to me on the couch, today’s practice was full of “magic moments.” I had a a lot of chances to begin again.   (The cat sneezes)  And again. (The Read More

Counting Time

Today is a great example of a practice I would normally skip over (and probably have).  Because I really don’t like math.  And when I read “numbers” I think “math”. In this case the numbers are not asking to be Read More

Letting Go of My Breath

I hold my breath more than I realize.  I hold it while reading a good book.  I hold it while executing an unfamiliar move on the dance floor.  I hold it while taking a picture.  I hold it while cooking Read More

Hearing In Community

I am drawn to Sharon’s reminder this morning to take in the sounds but not attach to them unless they are my responsibility.  It was something my 6th grade self did well while attending an open concept middle school. In Read More

Timed In

Last week I traveled to Chicago for work.  Travel should have taken two hours plus time in the airport before take off.  I finally arrived at my hotel twenty four hours after my initial arrival at the airport.  And it Read More

May all beings be happy ♡