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Day 10 Today I reflect on the inspiration bit of the day. I repeat to myself “options, options, options.” I try to engrain it in my brain. Then I turn to the dictionary as I so often do. Option comes Read More

Walking Meditation A Poem

Warm sun on my skin Buzzing of airplanes passing above me Dogs barking down the street An orange butterfly on pink flowers Coal on the grass watching me   My feet lift and lower onto the earth Black socks Brown Read More

Day 7 and an itchy ear 👂 ✨

The weeks focus was concentration.  I reacquainted myself with the word on day one and have carried its definition with me all week.  It’s simple but not easy: exclusive attention to one object. On today’s meditation this concept is very Read More

New Route

Day 6 Meditation notes written a few hours after meditation and then substituted by a beautiful moment: I’m driving home after a long day at work. On automatic just like the car I’m driving. As I’m thinking about a subject Read More

Day 4 and a busy day

Another busy day of non stop, good non stop but non stop nonetheless. Even traffic was more hectic than usual. I wonder if it’s the moon, decide it must be the moon and press play. The setting is a small Read More

And a word, day 3

Written approx 15 minutes after meditating Today I am tired. Although a beautiful sunny day I didn’t get very much sleep last night. It’s also a busy day and tomorrow I have a big presentation which I tried to sort Read More

Meditation on sound, day two

Written 30 or so minutes after meditation For today’s practice my setting is an isolated room with no interruptions. Before meditating I do a little bit of stretching and two yoga poses: mountain and tree. After a tiny bit of Read More

May all beings be happy ♡