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Recharge my batteries

This meditation was just what I needed.  I’ve been a little under the weather and had a long day at work.  After this meditation,  I felt refreshed and recharged.  The circle surrounding you is so comforting and supportive.  It’s a Read More

Be well little birds

This was an excellent meditation to listen to as I watered my garden and filled the bird feeder with seed.  I wished all the plants good health and happy growing.   I wished all the little birds well.  You feel so Read More

The good in us all

In today’s world it is so easy to get wrapped up in the negativity.  We pick apart ourselves and others for entertainment.  I’ve been working for the past few weeks on focusing on positivity and becoming aware of the negativity Read More


This was an excellent meditation to end the work week.  I addressed difficult emotions and stress with the lightness of “there you are”. And I also became very vigilant with my negative thoughts.  This greatly helped me to step back Read More

The fluidity of emotions

So often I find myself clinching my jaws and  ruminating on some emotion.  It does not have to be like this.  I don’t have to rehash the past or rehearse the future.  I can make the decision to be present.  Read More

Lightbulb moment

When Sharon said “it’s not my anger, just anger” the lights turned on. Such a simple and true statement that provided so much clarity for me.  A wave of relief and understand washed over me. I also found the statement Read More

Kick out the negative

I’ve been working on acknowledging negative thoughts and focusing on the abundance in my life.  When negativity arises, I visualize myself kicking it out of my head like a soccer ball.  This is not as graceful as Sharon’s method, but Read More

Making space

During my two years of practicing yoga,  I’ve learned to make space for the unpleasantness in life.  From a difficult pose to a difficult emotion,  we can breath,  we can acknowledge,  and we can rest in knowing that everything is Read More

Looking on the bright side

I recently started stating positive affirmations first thing every morning.  At first this feels a little silly,  but after a few weeks I started noticing a real difference in my perceptions and attitude.  It’s so easy to get bogged down Read More

Double edged sword of noting

I can sometimes note my thoughts without judgement and other times I become frustrated by the number of times I have allowed my thoughts to interrupt my meditation.  Like Sharon says, come back to the breath and begin again.  I Read More

May all beings be happy ♡