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Meditation for laundry

I listened to the walking meditation while I was folding laundry on a Saturday afternoon.  I felt by body shift and pivot as I folded and took time to truly feel the fabrics in my hands.  During this process I Read More

Outdoor meditation

I had the privilege of meditating outdoors today.  I focused on “there’s my friend” and “breath / not the breath” as the birds sang and bathed in the bird bath. Though the sounds of nature pulled me away once or Read More

Like the ocean

Today’s meditation brought to mind a prior meditation I found on the Ten Percent Happier app called ocean breathing.  The idea is to allow your breath to be like the ocean waves coming in and out.  It is a perfect Read More

Believing and feeling that we are worthy

Our inner critic can be brutal.  We say to ourselves what we would never say to a friend or loved one.  We can be quick to judge, quick to discard our achievements, and quick to tell ourselves we are not Read More

“There’s my friend” at the dentist

Today, while getting my teeth cleaned,  I heard Sharon in my head saying “there’s my friend”.  I instantly took note of my breath,  felt my shoulders relax,  stopped clinching my rear end,  and started saying to myself “in, out”. It Read More

Carving out time

I greatly appreciate this medication challenge for a multitude of reasons.  First, it allows me to give myself permission to carve out time for myself.  Too often we put ourselves last and suffer in the process.  Second, the blog allows Read More

Permission to listen

Just stopping for a moment, for one mindful breath, is a win.  Giving ourselves permission to listen and turn off the auto pilot can sometimes be the most difficult part of our day.  We often tell ourselves we are too Read More

Grace and Tranquility

The elegance of the universe brought Sharon into my life through Dan Harris’ book Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.  Thanks to Sharon, I find I no longer yell ” up yours!” at the guy who cut me off in traffic, but Read More