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Day 17 Meditation on Difficult thoughts

An important exercise and lesson to remind me that I can endure difficult and unpleasant thoughts and experiences. It’s not my favorite mental place or space.  I felt like trying to let go of the thought or that it could Read More

Day 16 Meditation on the Positive

I believe that this is my favorite meditation.  It feels so life affirming to sit in this mental place of gratitude.  I appreciate the fact that I can pull up positive memories to dwell on during the meditation without the Read More

Day 15 Mental Notation Meditation

This meditation exercise is an important one for me to practice.  I need to do the gentle reminder to move back to my breathe from the other thoughts that pop up.

Day 12 mindful vs. mindless

Eating meditation is always helpful in reminding me how much time I spend mindlessly instead of mindfully enjoying my senses.  I find myself feeling so much gratitude when doing an eating meditation.

Day 11 Quiet the eyes

Quiet the eyes and soften the gaze.  Engage with the act of walking without needing to judge and label.  There is some playfulness in this meditation but I also find myself getting distracted more frequently.

Day 10 I’m a fan of the body scan

I’m always a fan of the body scan.  I often forget to check in with myself to get a good sense of how I might be carrying tension and stress in my body.  It’s also a great mindfulness technique.  I Read More

Day 9 Sensation Meditation

The sensation mindfulness meditation exercise is a great way to help distinguish between being aware of sensations and internal self talk. I have intentions of using this practice more frequently so that I can help to distinguish what is happening Read More

Day 8 Walking Meditation

The walking meditation as a mindfulness exercise is one of my favorite activities.  I find that it helps me to remember that I have this ability from within to be in the moment. It opens my curiosity and let’s me Read More

Day 7 Distraction Meditation

This exercise is very helpful in guiding me to practice being nonjudgmental with my distracted thoughts during meditation.  I felt like I was able to finally get to a quiet place and focus on my breathing.  I wasn’t fighting or Read More

May all beings be happy ♡