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Day Four — Counting Meditation

Today I welcomed Beginner’s Mind as I settled into my morning meditation. In-1, In-2, In-3. One breath at a time. After some time my mind quieted. The mental noting/counting dropped away. The breath softened. My attention softened. Stillness filled the Read More

Day Three — Mental Noting

When I first began meditating, following my breath was really hard. I wasn’t used to feeling anything in my body, not even my breath. Sometimes, I would even stop breathing and not even realize I was holding my breath. Mental Read More

Day Two — Hearing Meditation

I am aware how the quality and texture of my focus today (Day 2)  is different from yesterday’s (Day 1). Yesterday it was finely directed like an arrow aimed at a single point.  It was just breath. Today it is Read More

Day One

Today, Sharon talked about how the way we pay attention to the breath is like seeing a friend in a crowd. I found this so helpful. When we see our friend in the crowd, we are enthusiastic and interested. This Read More