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Day 24-Softer and Gentler

I needed more loving kindness meditation in my life! The practice was soft today. Sometimes when I realize I have lost focus on my breath, I quickly and forcefully try to bring my attention back to the focal point. It’s Read More

Day 23-Walking in the Rain

I forgot to write my blog yesterday. But, I did do the meditation. I feel like I’ve failed somehow in not writing the blog every day. I guess I need to go a little easier on myself. The walking meditation Read More

Day 21-Spaciousness

Today’s meditation was calming. I often try hard and pressure myself to focus on the breath. I noticed when Sharon talked about spaciousness that I felt much more open. I focused on the breath but I felt my body and Read More

Day 20-Being Angry is Lonely

In today’s meditation, I felt anger in the body. But, I noticed a lot of fear. I imagined arguing with someone and immediately felt fear. I was afraid of what the anger would become and that it would go too Read More

Day 19-Nothing Happened

Today’s meditation was challenging. Of course, my mind kept saying I should be able to do it better. I’m reminded that It’s just a thought, not my thought. My life seems to be about “add-ons”, with many internal comments about Read More

Day 18

I’m grateful to not have to rush to do this meditation today. Thoughts are subtle and sometimes I have a hard time being aware when I am lost in them. Today I noticed that my mind went to thinking about Read More

Day 17-Facebook Anger

I had just looked at a friend’s facebook page. She often posts pro-Trump, anti-Democrat stuff. I often get angry. I sat down to meditate already feeling anger. I sat with the unpleasant sensations of anger arising in my belly and Read More

Day 16-White Sands NP Memory

Today we traveled to White Sands National Park and so I was out all day. I still wanted to make time to do this meditation. I finally had the opportunity at 8:15 at the hotel. It was hard to get Read More

Day 15-Judgement

One thing I struggle with in meditation is when I notice a thought or emotion. I have a lot of judgment. I scream, “THOUGHT” if I am noting. Then I forcefully and even maybe angrily try to get back to Read More

Day 14-Resistance

This was the hardest meditation of all so far. I felt immediate resistance and dread. Part of the resistance was the time. I did the dishes at 8:30 PM and I was tired by then. I usually go to bed Read More

May all beings be happy ♡