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Task Meditation

We sat and visualized performing some task while being mindful of the entire process. I often do this with dishes, or folding laundry. It’s quite easy to make each moment of the washing or folding something special. Inevitably, my mind Read More

For the love of food

As we sat and meditated on the ideas surrounding food, I thought about how people love to eat. Then I thought that maybe we should eat mindfully so that we can fully love each moment with the food. This can Read More

Walk the walk

We walked tonight and then slowed down the pace noticing every step by step. Michelle commented that the meditation made her feel softer, more at ease. I enjoyed the methodical step by step and noticing each nuance. Love this form Read More

Body Scan

We meditated with Sharon’s guided body scan tonight and we both reflected afterward that we felt cold. Not a surprise with our cold basement – it seems that if we do a laying down meditation we should be prepared for Read More

Walking or sitting

We sat today and I imagined in my mind’s eye the action of walking step by step. Although I had no physical sensation of walking, the methodical movement was real enough to my conscious brain because I was fully invested Read More

Bodily Sensations

We sat and focused on hands, feet and zeroing in on the actual experience moment to moment. Other sensations in other body parts would inevitably pull me away from the focus (the back, the neck, the skin) but I tried Read More

Breath, not breath

I’ve done this distraction technique before when I read Sharon’s book last year and I found that it was my go-to meditation technique. The surprising thing about this week was that I was able to settle into each session pretty Read More

Balance and imbalance

As I sit and meditate, I generally happen more to the restless and antsy side. My energy takes my mind to all sorts of places and I struggle against losing the breath. Very rarely have I felt sleepiness settle in Read More

The inner critic

As I sit and follow breath, I find that I don’t chastise myself too harshly for chasing “bones” as Larry Rosenberg says in “Breath by Breath.” Sometimes, I’ll follow a story down a rabbit hole for who knows how many Read More

Count to ten

Michelle said she felt more in her body after practicing counting today. I rarely got to ten, at least honestly. Sometimes I would push through to ten, even though I was not completely with every breath in the count to Read More

May all beings be happy ♡