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Ending and Beginning

This first week of the Sharon Salzberg 28 Day meditation challenge has been an journey of personal confirmation. This week marked the end of year two and beginning of year three without the Sun and Moon shining in my life. Read More


Is balance measured over days? Weeks? Months? Breaths? While meditation can bring balance and perspective during practice the true value is revealed over longer time frames. I find that while the lows and highs are still there it has become Read More


How do you turn around a day that starts with a negative intention? First off I know it’s crazy to think someone would purposely set a negative intention. What is in my mind is one of those days, such as Read More

New skills or just recognizing old ones

Is “learning” meditation finding something new or the recognition of an inherent and ongoing process?  The connection with the now is a constant in times of happiness and also at that critical point in tragedy, acceptance. Slowing down, taking a Read More


When does meditation end? I had assumed that with a guided meditation that when the audio file ended so did the meditation session. The first day it was several minutes before I realized that the “guided” part had ended. Day Read More

Meditation and/or Reflection

Are meditation and reflection equally important? Or is reflection just a by-product. Meditation clears the mind and calms the senses enabling a period of clarity, openness, and focus which invites productive reflection. The focus of that reflection can be unpredictable, Read More

Is Recovery a destination or just life?

How is it that I can look at my life as a whole and clearly see all of the nudges and influences that created this current reality but everyone, including me, define the nexus as a single traumatic event? It’s Read More