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Day 28 turned into a rest day here

My roommate – who is terrified of meditation – was with me as I started today’s audio.  She ended up saying, “oooo, this is nice”. And she sat down and a minute later was asleep. It was neat to see Read More

Compassion – Day 27

This is a nice one.  It feels like it evens something out in life that I did not know needed smoothing. This somehow makes things a lot less scary – it makes things feel more like “here is what I Read More

Generating some serious goodness

Day 26 – lovingkindness to all beings. I find the need to put a phrase in front of these phrases for them to ring true. for example ”everyone wishes to be healthy, so may all people find health and wholeness Read More

Lovingkindness towards others – Day 25

I took this on the road with me today. I wrote the lines on a card to read on the train. And… I ended getting into a conversation with someone about meditation and Buddhasism. It was unreal that it came Read More

Opening to Joy – Day 24

I already can see, just two practices in, this making a difference. It feels like my insides are rearranging themselves. At a school fundraiser last night, I was offering lovingkindness to people, silently, allowing me to more easily have random Read More

Day 21 – gently integrating the emotions

This felt like a comfortable way to integrate what Sharon taught this week. A way to bring hope to the emotions that come up.  Not my favorite work to do, but it feels do-able and important for growth. Much love Read More

This one packs a whallop

This one – this meditation on the components of an emotion – hits pretty hard. I was definitely not ready for this. I was off in a rushing river of thought and emotion while Sharon spoke. I did the meditation, Read More

Working with challenges

I love the Q&A for this one. When a thought comes up that sets me spinning, to think of it someone next to me is thinking and offering that person compassion.  Like on the train, thinking everyone here has their Read More

May all beings be happy ♡