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Thoughts as boats on a stream

this sounds so peaceful.  I see myself struggle with this, much like in today’s Q&A question. Will it be okay to do this when I am with friends?  With family?   But sitting with the cat in the morning it Read More

Difficult emotions but with soft kindness

I started the audio before I could give myself a chance to be scared of it. It felt okay to see how it all fits together if I don’t have to fix the difficult emotion, but to offer it kindness. Read More

Positive emotions – time with friends

I summoned up a niceness I had with friends this morning I let myself wash in the positive feeling I forget how much this brightens the colors of my day I am smiling as I type this – This reads Read More

Sharon adding a Zing!! Bam!! Pow!!!

It was fun hearing Sharon surprise emphasize the word “Thinking.”  I kind of jumped!  Yow!!   Also, I saw that my mind had been way off somewhere else today. I want to go back and do this right get an Read More

Something Dish-y is Going On !!

Awesome fun times!  This is my go-to meditation on days I wake early and cannot get back to sleep, I love how it sets the day. If I am unrushed and no one is waiting to use the kitchen there Read More

Resistance to the food and the tea meditations

tea meditation – I found a resistance to doing this. The mundaneness of it was hard for me to overcome. But we did this yesterday, nothing more to learn here!! but, once again, Sharon’s wisdom and experience helped me into Read More

Walking – the second version

I drew a picture of Sharon on a notecard saying, “You are meditating right now!”  I didn’t quite understand the directions, so I improvised a bit. I carried the notecard reminder with me as I walked through the apartment. but Read More

Ahhh – the body scan is sooo nice

This is why I keep coming back to meditation.  This body scan was an old friend popping by during all the unfamiliar meditations.  As per the Q & A Section, I stretched first ( and some music ) and it Read More

Sensation meditation – day 9

This was like a mini-bodyscan meditation.  I am used to being systematic with body sensation meditations. It was so different to go where sensations are more pronounced, instead.  This makes more sense for when I am waiting in line, where Read More

( Modified )walking meditation

i used the Day 8 “Daily Tip” section and modified this for my commute on the train. I moved my feet in small squares. It was hard to stay with the meditation this way. I may need to practice this Read More

May all beings be happy ♡