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Harsh and abrupt

At first the Distraction Meditation felt harsh and abrupt.  I did not want to do it and I felt sure that it was not for me.  I like to catch myself wandering from the path and bringing myself gently back. Read More

Wavering attention

This was an eye-opener.  To pay attention not only to the breath, but to how closely I am with the breath.  It did not even come to mind that I wavered so much while still maintaining proper attention.  This opens Read More

Returning to meditation

I can drift off from a productive meditation over time.  I do a meditation for weeks, then try something new, but not go back to what worked well for me.  I will have a dreaded falling failing sense of lost Read More

listening meditation

This was great.  I ended up using it on the train this morning.  I forgot how well that works.  I can get anxious with so many people on the train, but here I was going deeper into moment instead of Read More

returning to the breath – connecting with others

I love this meditation challenge so much.  Doing these meditations with so many other people adds some specialness to my daily practice that I cannot quite put into words.  A deeper connection with everyone I run into during the day. Read More

May all beings be happy ♡