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The Clouds Of My Mind

Thoughts are interesting.  Where do they come from?  Where will they lead me if I try to follow them?  How do I really just let it all flow? The meditation of working with thoughts is a deep practice.  It was Read More

Focusing on the positive

This meditation is easy for me. I have literally rewired my brain for the positive even though I still experience difficult emotions. A long term illness provided the fertile ground for cultivating such a practice. It was an invitation into Read More

Mental Noting…From Sadness to Love

What a powerful practice Mental Noting is. Valentine’s Day is not an easy one.  Without going into the story, grief of a “postponed” relationship lingers and holidays provoke me.  Although most of the energy has moved through me, there are Read More

The Joy of Washing Dishes

I have a very different take on washing dishes. Had you asked me about washing dishes at 10 then it would have been a completely different response. At 30, when I encountered what would be a long term illness, Chronic Read More

Scrambled Eggs…Scrambled Mind

I am feeling a little puny this morning.  Teaching Mindfulness at an Elementary school has me around 550 kids daily.  My mantra to them is pass the hugs, not the bugs.  However, today….I am moving slowly. Listening to Sharon’s Mindful Read More

Begin Again…and Again…and Again.

The practice of concentration was a beautiful reminder of the wandering mind and the simple tool of watching my breath.  Sometimes it feels like I am herding cats. There are moments of tranquility.  Then suddenly an eruption of grief. This Read More

Begin Again….Counting…1, 2, 3….

Wandering mind, like the wind, circulates thoughts in a rhythmic dance. Listening to Sharon, at first I couldn’t stay with her rhythm. It was too fast.  So I listened to the end then sat again. “Let the breath lead the Read More