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challenging emotions

I have to admit, today’s meditation was somewhat opaque to me – I do not invite this type of thought or emotion to the meditation cushion. I don’t get involved in drama, as I have taken the decision a long Read More

a tea cup and body awareness

This meditation really resonated with me – it’s been over a week and I have been at it every night (as you may guess, I do it every day anyway – huge beverage girl here, a fan of a good Read More

day 5 – focusing with kindness

While I tend not to beat myself up while I meditate, I definitely show some signs of disdain for my performance throughout the day. Today was  challenging, and a this practice is a good reminder to come back to a Read More

counting and verbal noting

I have been practicing counting meditation for a while, I think it is probably the best way to connect your breath and the mental activity that inevitably arises to the focus required for meditating. Verbal noting for me requires a Read More

breathing and hearing

It has taken me a moment to get going with my notes…. I guess sitting to write is a bit like sitting to meditate, and that’s why I decided to combine these this year. I have been sitting for a Read More