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Day26 – all beings

I feel that this meditation, “May all beings be happy”, brings me a sense of expansiveness but also a sense of humility. It reminds me that my time on this planet is a small blip in the scope of time. Read More

Day25 – others

Today’s meditation practice is one that I do often. It has helped me to understand others and to see them as people who, like myself, also experience pain, happiness, fear, and love. And it has helped me to understand that Read More

Day24 – heart opening

I always feel a sense of gratitude when doing the practice of a lovingkindness meditation. Sometimes it’s overwhelming and it brings me to tears. Other times it just makes me smile and fills me with warmth. During today’s practice I Read More

Day23 – may i be well

“May I be well. May I be peaceful.” I did not practice today’s meditation until evening. Typically I have been waking up early to meditate, but last night the baby woke up during the night and then we all slept Read More

Day22 – the good

“May all beings be happy.” This meditation line brings up so much for me. I cannot help but think of my yoga teacher, Barbara, when I hear this line. She was the first person to introduce me to a lovingkindness Read More

Day21 – landscape experience

Today is the end of the third week of the meditation challenge. I can proudly say that I have meditated, AND BLOGGED, every day during this challenge. There is still one week to go, but this is quite the accomplishment. Read More

Day20 – emotions

During today’s meditation, I experienced joy, sadness, and anger/frustration. Interestingly enough, each of these emotions were fleeting. As soon as I observed my body in the emotion, the emotion seemed to float away. I realized that they are just feelings Read More

Day19 – challenges

Ah, sleepiness…. So much comes up for me when I meditate on what it feels like to be sleepy. There is of course a draining feeling, an overall curling up of my physical body, a sense of frustration and helplessness, Read More

Day18 – Thoughts

A cue that resonated with me during today’s meditation practice was seeing thoughts that arise in the mind as visitors. Sharon says that we don’t have to invite these visiting thoughts to stay and move in, but we can recognize Read More

day17 – difficult emotions

I do not enjoy meditating on shameful or upsetting parts of my past. I mean, who does? I find it extremely unpleasant. But these not so pleasant feelings do rear their heads in meditation even if I’m not focusing on Read More