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Day16 – positivity

Recently I have been crafting for my son’s first birthday party. I’ve made a cardboard boat, a high chair banner, a photo banner, and decorated wooden blocks. It has really brought me joy to not only use this creative side Read More

Day15 – Noting

Mental noting is a useful technique for me. As I reflect on my meditation practice today, it’s funny to me how long it takes me to notice when I’ve wandered away in thought. During today’s practice, I was simply sitting Read More

Day14 – dishes

Washing dishes has always been therapeutic for me. I rarely dread it and just simply do it. During today’s meditation I tried to really engage with what I was doing, but my mind did wander a bit. These days I Read More

Day13 – routine activity

I drink coffee every day. And although it is decaffeinated, I still enjoy it. I switched to decaf when I became pregnant and, well, just never switched back to full strength. Having coffee is a ritual for me.  So for Read More

Day12 – eating

I enjoy eating. So today’s meditation was fun for me. I enjoyed a little cube of parmesan cheese. I was taught that when you eat slowly and mindfully, not only does your food digest more easily, the food tastes better. Read More

Day11 – walking part two

I didn’t completely connect with today’s walking meditation. The first walking meditation did resonate with me. But today’s session just felt aimless and I found it hard to focus on sensations of movement. I might try it again later when Read More

Day10: body scan

Well, I didn’t fall asleep! Being horizontal on the ground for me these days usually means nap time. But today, during the meditation I tried to feel my body. My mind did wander as it usually does but I was Read More

Day9 – new sensation

During today’s meditation I felt the warmth of my hands and then the warmth of my entire body. I felt the tingling of touch. I focused on feeling the sensation instead of questioning it. Doing this type of meditation of Read More

Day8 – one step at a time

I wonder how many other people were slowing walking around their kitchens this morning at 6am? That was one of the thoughts I had during today’s meditation. This is the week I generally struggle with the meditation challenge because they Read More

Day7 – not the breath

Hooray! I completed one full week of meditating every day AND blogging about it! That is a huge victory for this new mom of a busy little boy. As I reflect back, the thing I found most interesting was that Read More