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Day6 – balance

Adjusting the breath during meditation is like tuning in the radio dial. Of course we all have digital buttons now, but you get the idea. I felt myself way back on the breath today like I was someone else observing Read More

Day5 – speaking to myself

When my mind wanders during my meditation I always say to myself, “come back”. I can almost hear my yoga teacher,  Barbara Ruzansky, saying those words to me. And then I try again to focus on each breath – the Read More

Day4 – counting

Counting the breath usually helps me to calm down, but I typically lose count pretty quickly and then end up right back at breath one. During today’s practice, as I was counting I felt how tight my neck was and Read More

Day3 – Word

The word “light” was the word that I chose during my practice today. It is just the word that popped into my head. (“Light” meaning the opposite of heavy.) And once I said it to myself, my shoulders dropped, and Read More

Day2 – Hearing

These days I find myself inundated with sound that I ended up trying not to listen to anything at all. There is the beep from locking your car, tv sounds from the screen that talks at you while pumping gas, Read More

Day1 – just one breath

I have such deep respect for Sharon Salzberg. She is already making my cobweb-infested mom brain function better in just one session! As I began today’s recording, I of course started thinking “what am I going to write about it Read More

I commit to sit…or at least intend to!

So here I am again, at the beginning of another February committing to sit. This year I have a little one which makes this challenge and all of life a little more challenging. But I commit to sit. It’s just Read More