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a warm blanket

Hmm. Loving Kindness. The piece of this practice that’s especially difficult at times is directing loving kindness towards myself. When I envision my heart glowing a bit along the borders and pair this with gratitude practice, it becomes more accessible. Read More

Happiness week four

The last week.  Yes, meditating every day makes a difference, though it’s certainly elusive and subtle.  This week, I realized that out in the real world, things work backwards.  For example, if I don’t say to my husband of a difficult Read More


Truth be told, I have dabbled in meditation for a (significant) number of years, with varying degrees of commitment and skill.   Focusing on the 28-Day Challenge not only served to solidify a few (key) aspects of my practice, but Read More

Right before my eyes

Lovingkindness. I welcomed lovingkindness to my practice this week, as if it were another person, a separate being, its own entity. I quickly considered that this might be the perfect reason to expand my practice to include lovingkindness, as perhaps Read More

A perfect storm

“This week we’re going to practice with emotions and thoughts, even intense and difficult ones.” This came at the beginning of the “Practice Preview”, and boy, did I feel it was written directly to me. The night before, I’m ashamed Read More