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Day 5

Today we sat again before bed, we have a good start with the audio but Nico needed to move, so he distracted Victoria. In this moments we try to keep in meditation with my wife rather than react to them, Read More

Day 4

We sat together again before bed but Nico with his Down syndrome couldn’t make it and fall asleep minutes before we started. Anyway this help Victoria to be more focus in the audio and herself. She is already more relaxing Read More

Day 3

Today we sat in the living room before dinner so the kids don’t fall sleep. They getting better everyday, breathing more, relaxing more, focusing in the audio and themselves and they feeling the relaxing time, as well they enjoying that Read More

Day 2

We did our 2nd day just before go to sleep,we all really focusing in the concentration and breathing, I noticed Victoria really putting attention now and Nico make his effort but with his condition of Down Syndrome got sleepy quiet Read More

Day 1

Hi everyone and thanks Sharon for this opportunity, actually I have your book and I do meditate every day, some of them with my twins that are 7 years old and one of them have Down Syndrome. We meditate time Read More