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Weird Day

I’m at work with nothing to do (possibly a small lie) and have not yet meditated today. But I’ve found that I am anticipating the meditation, which in itself is serving as a kind of practice. It’s causing me to Read More

Birthday Eve.

So it’s the eve of my daughter’s first birthday, though she’s not alive to celebrate it with us. I find myself remembering her arrival with thankfulness. 8:10pm came and went and I remembered how my wife went into labour 9 Read More

Day 3

Seem to be struggling with this already! Missed yeaterday’s Practice and so did two sittings today. Done a lot of the listening/sound mediations before and find it very grounding. Not such a fan of the mental note meditation. My job Read More


It seems oddly serendipitous that this course is happening during February. Last February my daughter was born 9 weeks early and with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, meaning only half her heart had developed. After 47 hours with us she passed Read More

May all beings be happy ♡