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Walking Meditaton

Walking is such refuge for my practice. I sort of forgot about it for awhile, just shows you have life works sometimes. After two steps I was right in it, great boost to my practice right now! Great timing.  


The distracted mind is strong for me, there are days in my practice when I feel that I all I am dealing with are distractions! The amazing thing is that often times I do not even appreciate the times when Read More

Beginning Again

It is so funny how the mind works, and wild how sounds can quiet the mind…Birds were the sound that emerged as the main focus of my practice with sound since yesterday’s prompt. I walked out side and had one Read More

Sounds everywhere!

For me sound meditations are very interesting and unique. In times where the breath is hard to locate and stay with, I have found sound a wonderful place to anchor the attention. I have had times where even the slightest Read More

The Breath – Day 1

It is refreshing to give myself a break. My practice has been going well, yet life has been throwing me all kinds of curveballs lately. I have to admit I haven’t swung and missed at all of them either! I Read More


I am just about to get started and am looking forward to practicing with everyone throughout the month. Happy meditating!!

May all beings be happy ♡