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Practicing with compassion is something I have intended to focus on during meditation and in general. I sometimes feel I don’t quite grasp compassion. I don’t always feel I know what it means to be compassionate for others. But it Read More

For All Beings

To practice lovingkindness for all beings is to remember the concept of no self. We are all part of one big ocean of life. Our differences are lessened and we are closer together. Something the world needs no more than Read More

Loving Kindness

Practicing loving kindness and compassion in meditation is one of the cornerstones to the Theravada school of Buddhism. A famous quote by The 14th Dalai Lama is “My religion is simple, my religion is kindness”. In the practice of Buddhism, Read More

Working With Emotions

Working with emotions for me can be challenging while meditating. As I indicated yesterday, strong emotions don’t tend to show up for me while meditating. They are most powerful in the moments I’m feeling them. I do try to work Read More

Difficult Thoughts

When difficult thoughts arise, it’s more of a challenge than anything to keep from letting them pull you away from practice. It’s hard enough just to stay focused but when anger or fear arises it feels nearly impossible. So what Read More

Day 17: Challenging Emotions

One of the main reasons I began a daily meditation practice and what mindfulness helps me quite a bit with is anxiety. Like a lot of people, I have some anxiety surrounding certain situations. Namely for me these anxiety-inducing situations Read More

Washing Dishes

This morning I emptied the dish washer and cleaned up the dishes mindfully. It was a challenge to be sure but when I found myself drifting into thoughts I just noted them and returned my attention to the dishes. With Read More

Day 13: Drinking Tea

I lifted the cup to my lips. Noticed the warmth and heat of the cup and the steam rising from the light colored liquid. I took a sip. The flavor of lemon was immediate but not too strong. The lemon Read More

Day 12: Mindful Eating

This morning I got up early and went downstairs to fix myself breakfast before the rest of the house woke. I quickly and quietly made and ate breakfast. Completely hurried and distracted. So when I started today’s meditation I imagined Read More