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Mahalo to everyone!

Mahalo to all…I had a great time participating this year and hope to be back again! I’ve gotten a lot out of the course and have been able to enrich my practice. Wow…not really much more to say than that! Read More

Day Twenty…sitting at Aloha Sangha

Thursday is generally my “big” meditation day. I meditate as usual in the morning, take a break or two at work, then in the late afternoon and evening, I’ve been walking mindfully a couple of miles (not traditional walking meditation Read More

Day Nineteen…Big Distractions…

The single biggest challenge I seem to face on a regular basis is best summed up as “ego-driven planning.” If I’ve got something coming up that I’m planning, let’s say a public speaking event (which happens often enough), my mind Read More

Days Seventeen and Eighteen…

Monday, the 17th, was a holiday at my place of work so I took the opportunity to treat myself to a day-long self-retreat. After a morning walk and get-together with a group I attend, I mindfully walked home and began Read More

Day 16 – Pretty much just enjoyment

I was pretty busy doing not a whole lot today. It was completely enjoyable and I even managed to mindful some of the time! I started, as usual, with coffee and meditation. Then I was out the door in the Read More

Day Fifteen…Celebrating the Brahmaviharas

Today I sat with the Broken Ridge Meditation Group in Honolulu at the truly lovely Broken Ridge Temple. The leader, Greg Pai, is an old friend I’ve never met. His mother and mine were thick as thieves. Somehow, I never Read More