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Days Ten and Eleven!

I’m really enjoying the meditations centered on walking and the body. I’m falling a bit behind on my blogging, but it’s the middle of the week and besides work, it turns out I’m really busy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Read More

Day Nine – Body sensations, pain

I’ve had a hip replacement, several arthroscopies on my knees, and just general osteoarthritic pain quite some time. I started collecting the arthroscopies at age 30 and I’m 62 now. So I’ve had a few decades of learning to cope Read More

Day Eight – Waking, walking, walking

I had to laugh today when I saw that today’s lesson was on walking meditation. On both Saturday and Sunday, I start my day off with about a 25-minute walk at around 6:00 am to attend a regular gathering. For Read More

Day Seven – Distractions (like baseball)

Today’s meditation was a three-hour session with little happening and ending in a home run at the bottom of the ninth to…oops…that was the baseball game. I really enjoyed today’s challenge meditation because it really reminded me to come home Read More

Day Six – Thursday Here

I mention that it’s Thursday in the title of my post as that’s the day I sit in sangha in the evening. So yes, I did give some thought to the challenge materials today, but I also spent the early Read More

Day Five – LOL!

I had to laugh today when I went through the lesson. It seems that the situation I’d described in my last post (days 3 & 4) was more or less exactly what Sharon discussed. In brief, I was using noting Read More

Thoughts on Day Two

My relation to sounds has changed quite a bit over the time I’ve spent learning to meditate (and still am). After a couple of years of practice, I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t “have to” tell myself a Read More

Aloha on Day One(ish)

Aloha kākou! I’m Rob from Honolulu. I’m posting late for day one due to a few tech glitches, but I’m really looking forward to participating for the first time here in the Challenge. I’m 62 and have been practicing regularly Read More

May all beings be happy ♡