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Day 19 – Challenging Emotions

I wasn’t feeling anger when I sat down… and it’s not something that arises often, but I have been feeling it more lately (because of a particular situation). I didn’t really want to bring anger forth–it’s uncomfortable enough when it Read More

Day 18 – River of Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s easy to let go of thoughts, or just watch them float down the river. Those tend to be thoughts about things like the weather, or what errands I need to run. There aren’t too-too many thoughts that can Read More

Day 17 – Difficult Emotions

This comes at the perfect time. Yesterday, I was feeling “meh,” which was my default state for decades, even during the 22 years I took a variety of antidepressants. Then I suddenly realized that “meh” is part of the human Read More

Day 16 – Noticing the Positive

This was perfectly timed. This morning, I was lost in unpleasant thoughts and feelings, even as I can intellectually say nothing is “wrong” (well, nothing major). To my surprise, I had to search for something that really made me smile Read More

Day 15 – So Many Thoughts and Feelings

My thoughts are pretty predictable. When I did today’s meditation, my thoughts alternated between focusing on a client and his response to my editorial feedback, and thoughts of my ex, with anger, sadness, and longing arising (depending on which thoughts Read More

Day 14 – Washing Dishes

I haven’t posted in the past few days, because I felt like I didn’t have much to say or add. The same is true today… After years of practice, about half the time, I do pay attention when I’m brushing Read More

Day 11 – The Body in Space

This was an ideal meditation for me today. My area is in the midst of a snowstorm–which is par for the course in most places, but I live in a temperate rainforest, and our city’s infrastructure is not designed to Read More

Day 9 – Focusing on Sensations

I committed to blogging this month not because I believe I have anything particularly insightful to offer, but as a low-risk way of making myself share something imperfect every day. (As a professional writer, I can get completely caught up Read More

Day 7 – Mental Weather Systems

I love the metaphor of weather. I live in a coastal rainforest, between a mountain and the harbour, so the weather changes frequently here–different types of clouds are part of my noticing practice already. And it’s so true that, just Read More