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Compassion and Seeing the largest picture

I’m surprised that through meditation practice I’m beginning to see the largest picture of things happening around me. It reminds me of the teaching this month, “Mindfulness helps us get better at seeing the difference between what’s happening & the Read More

Meditating after a Workout

I’ve been surprised at how much easier it is to meditate in the afternoon, after I’ve had my workout. There’s something there that’s ready to sit, ready to stop following my monkey mind. Not only that, but it’s improving my Read More

Befriending Self-Doubt

Identifying negative self talk and inviting it in for tea: “Well, hello again, Self-Criticism. Have a seat. I’ll make us some rosehip and hibiscus.” The voice in my head is less self critical than it once was. Depression treatment sent Read More

Om Shanti

Focusing on sound was tremendously difficult for me. I found it so much easier to focus on my breath, which admittedly I’ve used in meditation for years. With sounds, I found it very hard to avoid naming the sound and Read More

Releasing Fear and Frustration

I’m looking forward to refreshing my meditation practice through the 28-day Real Happiness challenge. It has been difficult for me in the new year to unplug and take time for silence — time for stillness. I feel constantly dragged into Read More

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