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Settling in

I’m noticing greater ease in my meditation over the last 2 days. I’m able to be still and comfortable for much longer. Today, I felt really irritated and decided to meditate. I could feel the emotions bubbling up but then Read More

Waking up

i used to think that the moments that I drifted off were the real meditation… It was like being in a dreamy state. Then I experienced and learned that the waking up was the true meditation. That moment when you Read More

Finding time

The hardest part is the time. Carving out the 10 minutes a day to sit is my struggle. Which then makes me see how many 10minute pieces of my day are wasted. This challenge is holding me accountable!!!

Day 1

I’m hoping to deepen and commit more fully to my dwindling meditation practice. Today is day one and I feel inspired to be consistent this month! The meditation was so relaxing, I kept drifting off between consciousness and sleep. I Read More

Time to sit

This is exactly what I need – A boost of inspiration to #commit2sit It is time to remember that I already have everything I need and uncover the happiness always within me. I’m looking forward to receiving my book and Read More