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Day 5 – Forgive

For me meditation really is about learning and practicing forgiveness. How quick to I forgive myself for the lost of focus and bring myself back onto my target? So far I have been able to join each day of this Read More

Day 4 – Counting the breaths

Counting is a funny thing… Some people hate and and some love it. I am fine with it as long as I do the counting and should not follow a teacher’s one. In my yoga classes I tend to let Read More

Day 3 – I’ve got you

Sharon’s voice was annoying my tonight. It was my ego fighting this new practice. A practice which is guiding significant information from my unconscious brain to my conscious brain. Last weekend I started reading “How we love” and the first Read More

Day 2 – Protecting my inner child

I can see how this whole meditation challenge is another way for me to try to be a “good girl”. I remember as a child wanting to leave this life. I just remember telling my mum: “There’s been a mistake. Read More