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This is a big one

It is as though I have small nails or thorns embedded in my core. Small resentments that have been lodged there, some for a very long time, and some more recent.  Bringing compassion around them makes it possible for them to Read More

Do I have that power?

Do I have that power? I am wishing all beings who live mostly in pain, wishing them safety and ease. I am thinking of the homeless people around me, and the people I never meet but I hear about  on Read More

Our cat

During the last part of the meditation I came to think about our cat. I feel so terribly guilty about having found a new home for her at this stage of her life. She is getting older. She had started Read More


Very challenging passages these days, feeling terrible! For sure I have been able to alleviate at least some of my suffering by stepping back to observe. Or catching myself as I skip into self indulgence.

Being afraid of fear

It has been absolutely fascinating these past few days, to begin to see the complexity of emotions that I had never really thought to question. Something that was fixed has begun to move and shift and change. I am fascinated Read More

A rich new vein

The idea of paying attention to unpleasant feelings instead of shunning them or turning away came as a big surprise. Yesterday I had a tiny millisecond flash. I felt a familiar twinge of dread  around the idea of my death. Read More

May all beings be happy ♡