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Catching up, happy to be here

I am no longer on schedule. Today is Tuesday, March 3, and the course finished several days ago. For the past almost 2 weeks I have been engaged in packing up my belongings for a big move from Montreal to Read More

Observation and insight about thoughts

My observation comes with a question. The observation is that during this meditation and during other meditations as well, there seem to be no thoughts. Indeed, one of the things I really enjoy about meditation is that I’m just here Read More

Guilt, shame, fear… an egg.

I had a hard boiled egg for lunch today. I had boiled it but not eaten it yesterday, so it was in my fridge waiting for me. As soon as the meditation started, there was a feeling of dread inside Read More

A little bit closer…

I was a little bit distracted during the meditation, perhaps because of lying on my comfortable bed. However, I do feel that I’m getting a little bit closer to making the important distinction between my presence in the present moment, Read More

The quest for presence

It feels like today’s meditation might be a useful tool in my ongoing quest for presence. By distinguishing between the breath and what is not the breath, one catches a glimpse. The breath is always there, it just is, the Read More

Quite distracted today

My sister and her husband have come from Connecticut to help my husband and I pack up and prepare for our upcoming move to San Antonio, Texas. We gave them our bedroom to sleep in and we are sleeping in Read More

Breathe in love, breathe out peace

In yesterday’s online session of the course Conscious Healing with Thomas Hubl, I volunteered at the end to have the 800 participants from around the world tune in to me. To my surprise, this brief exercise began with my feeling Read More

May all beings be happy ♡