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A rich new vein

The idea of paying attention to unpleasant feelings instead of shunning them or turning away came as a big surprise. Yesterday I had a tiny millisecond flash. I felt a familiar twinge of dread  around the idea of my death. Read More

I am so very lucky

I am so very lucky. Yes, I have been travelling through difficult territory. Inner and outer struggles. The tools I have been  introduced to through these meditations have been very helpful. But I remain sensitive to beauty, which is all Read More

Hanging in, even a tiny bit helps

Yesterday turned out to be super-challenging. Suddenly I was in panic, frozen and terrified. Breathe-in, One, Breathe-in, Two … it helped, a little bit. And doggedly putting one foot in front of the other, not giving in to immobilization, helped. Read More

Perhaps the most surprising so far

Feeling quite exhausted, I still am. This short break was a gift; a full, surprisingly full, sensual experience. Also several intriguing observations and questions. Okay it was a homemade banana oatmeal raisin cookie, is that cheating? Looking forward to the Read More

Maybe because I was laying down…

This was almost comical. Perhaps because I was laying down, my mind was running all over the place popping out little thoughts seemingly randomly. On the other hand, this meditation technique is really familiar to me because I did the Read More

May all beings be happy ♡