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Week Four of the 2018 Challenge

Welcome to our final week together! In contrast to our usual ways of thinking which might regard love or lovingkindness or compassion as gifts we can do nothing to cultivate, or immediate emotional reactions we enjoy but can’t stabilize, these Read More

Week Three of the 2018 Challenge

Welcome to week three! This week we are going to focus on mindfulness of the mind: thoughts and emotions. These objects of mindfulness can be more subtle and fleeting, as is especially the case with thoughts. Whether thoughts or emotions, Read More

Week Two of the 2018 Challenge

Week 2 is devoted to mindfulness of the body. Here we are also challenging the conditioning of judgment –“I’m not feeling the right things, I’m not feeling enough, I’m feeling too much.” Our goal is a balanced awareness of whatever Read More

Week One of the 2018 Challenge

Welcome. I’m looking forward to our month of practice together. This first week is devoted to the deepening of concentration. There are several skills inherent in the art of concentration, 2 prominent ones being balance, and the ability to let Read More


Week Four of the Challenge 2017

I really believe that Lovingkindness is being developed in any skillful practice of meditation. If we go back to the first exercise we practiced, developing concentration by settling our attention on a chosen object, like the feeling of the breath, Read More


Week 3 of the Challenge

In Burma, there is a teaching story that is told about a hunter who goes into the forest to try to capture a bird. He may wander for a long time in the forest and, in the end, may not Read More


Week 2 of the Challenge

My Burmese meditation teacher, Sayadaw U Pandita, had a trick question he used to ask people, “How many breaths can you be with before your mind wanders?” The reason it is a trick question is that they believe it takes Read More


Welcome to Week 1 of the Challenge

Lily pointed out to me that we first began the challenge 7 years ago. In many ways, that feels like some time ago, and this is like a different world. Yet the kinds of difficulties people face establishing or renewing Read More

Group Photo at the 2016 Real Happiness Closing Party

Recording of Closing Party

We had a lovely closing party on Monday, Feb 29th for the Challenge, complete with a door prize and popcorn! It was so nice to spend some time together in person, since the Challenge has been predominantly a virtual experience Read More

Closing the Challenge

As we come to the end of the challenge, I find myself reflecting on the power of community we’ve experienced and the support we’ve enjoyed for a more continuous practice. Thank you all who participated…you’ve really inspired me, and moved Read More

May all beings be happy ♡