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Walking in the dark to find your pathway home. Stepping onto the ceiling while gazing down at a mirror under chin. Submerging your foot into scalding bathwater with cold feet. This life is much thicker than expected. Velvet cake mix Read More

Something Tender

Sitting just so Holding myself gently precisely quietly There is something tender to being here Simply Queenly I feel you holding yourself tender too Now we meet with the least effort Longing for more of this encourages me to stay Read More

Becoming Familiar

Warbling. Wet. Landing. Mist. Wings. My breath is a meeting of birds on the water. Worry. I hold tight to a solid gold chain. Heavy and dark on the horizon. Weighs upon me. Easy now. Chest depth opens. Breezy flight. Read More

Staying Home

You run around everywhere looking for the comforts of home. Flights of fantasy come in all sizes – a new course, a lacey red bodysuit, a relationship. Just think of all the improvements that could be made! Shop on the Read More

Lay Down Your Luggage

Simply rising and falling I lay down my luggage – this morning, last night, this afternoon, tomorrow – I make room for feeling to inform me. The bubbling pot of anxiety in my belly. The tight reigns along my neck Read More

The Width of The World

Swaddle me in the width of the world. Between the humming refrigerator, the snow-wet tires spinning, the dog sighing and geese bleating, I discover my belonging among them.

The Magnifying Glass

The breath is honest. As I ride with it I feel so many varied shapes, flavours and sizes arising and passing. So this is the expansive life that is whizzing by me so fast that I am missing it. How Read More

May all beings be happy ♡