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Just the way I am…

When I did today’s meditation I was not able to walk.  I decided to just sit and reflect on this past weekend where I walked in very large crowds.  I allowed the flow of memories of specific people and groups Read More

Sometimes the Answer is the Question

The last couple of meditations have been hard for me.  I feel jumbled up inside and catch myself chasing an answer.  I missed the inquiry and jumped right into trying to get to the bottom of things. How interesting, curiosity Read More

A New Layer

Something new is emerging in my awareness. Thoughts within thoughts.  Patterns within patterns.  So many layers.   I am not able to fully articulate what I am observing, and I’m okay with that.  The feeling has depth and I trust Read More

Flow Through

I got a chance to be with familiar sensations today.  Pressurized head, tight chest, hard eyes; all familiar feelings when I get upset.  There is an undercurrent of thought that anticipates the relief of this. When will it go away? Read More

Agitation and Peace

This week’s focus on my body has brought light to my tendency to breeze over this part of my practice.  It’s not that I have not practiced connecting with my body; it is actually a large part of my daily Read More

New Things to Learn About Old Things

Today, as I sat with my food mindfully, listening to Sharon’s guidance, I noticed something.  Something that I had not noticed ever, to my recollection.  I was salivating.  I could feel warmth in my mouth.  I could feel the warm Read More


Today my 5 year old son woke up and came upstairs right before I began today’s meditation.  It was a joy to see him and I didn’t want to ask him to leave and find Dad so I could do Read More

Meeting it all.

Today was the first day this week that I desired to stay seated and continue to notice breath and not breath.  It was lovely and I see my desire for more sessions to be “this way.”  I loved the softness Read More

Things Great are Small

No matter how many times I sit, it always holds a challenge(s) for me.  Even when I want to sit and especially when I don’t want to. I used to hate that, and sometimes it is still greatly annoying (ha!) Read More

May all beings be happy ♡