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#RealHappiness Day 22

Today’s lesson focused on looking inward and seeing the good.  How much easier is it for us to see our faults? Our supposed inadequacies?  Instead of that, today Sharon asks that we look at one good thing in ourselves.  This Read More

#RealHappiness Day 21

Today’s practice felt like a review, we are focused back on the breath but this time we added a focus for our attention to other areas of the body.  An expanded review – how are we feeling right now in Read More

#RealHappiness Day 20

Still trying to catch up.  Today’s lesson had us look into what all the components were in a difficult emotion.  Where did you feel happiness/joy? Where did you feel anger?  I felt happiness in my chest – and it spread Read More

#RealHappiness day #19

Real life has gotten in the way and I’m behind.  Today’s meditation on working with challenges was much needed.  I attempted to do this meditation last evening, and did not heed Sharon’s advice to stand up if tired, and fell Read More

#RealHappiness Day 18

Hijacked.  Thoughts are clouds.  Some are storm clouds.  Visitors. You don’t have to invite them in.  Vividly descriptive phrases in today’s lesson.  When I was listening to the section on being highjacked, I  recalled how easily I can get distracted Read More

#RealHappiness Day 17

This morning I woke up frustrated, so it was a good day for this meditation. I had a morning personal training session where I could feel myself angry at being there, not wanting to be social.  Feeling as though this Read More

#RealHappiness Day 16

I’m late with this post.  Sunday was chaotic and time slipped away. I remembered at 11 pm that I hadn’t meditated yet, or blogged and I opted to not get out of bed and do the meditation.  So today, as Read More

#RealHappiness Day 15

Concentration is a significant component of mindfulness meditation.  Today’s lesson focused on noting when we drift away from the focus of the breath.  The purpose of the focus is to note we drifted.  Along with that we are not to Read More

#RealHappiness Day 14

Mindfulness and everyday chores helps to bring us back to the present, and not race off in our minds to other things that happened in the past or may happen in the future.  Being here and now while doing the Read More

#RealHappiness Day 13

Being mindful in the moment requires that we slow down and pay attention.  This can happen with everyday tasks – brushing your teeth, washing dishes,  drinking a cup of coffee or tea.  The idea of focusing on the senses with Read More

May all beings be happy ♡