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PTSD- words, control, thinking

Planning,thinking,thinking thinking…. I was diagnosed with PTSD and generalized anxiety disorder several years ago. I deal with a lot of anxiety even in the beauty of meditation. I can feel the panic in my chest. The thoughts in my head Read More

I need some advice- Chronic pain

Body Mind Spirit I have been struggling and suffering from chronic pain for a long time…. I have worked on the spirit the mind but I struggle mostly with the body I have a hard time separating the pain I Read More


Different types of sounds are soft and easy others are spastic and loud In the midst of the humming, buzzing noise it becomes soothing Like thoughts, they pass Each sound is like a thought in our minds, they can distract Read More

Childless-a reality that I face

May I be safe……this has been the BIGGEST block for myself. A week ago I signed away my baby maker. This piece of paper set on top of the kitchen table. Signing that paper is the hardest thing I’ve EVER Read More

My Journey

Well, here it is; the last day of February. The final day of what I had initially just assumed to be a 4 week obligation to my wife, my marriage, and of course, myself. I never really expected to become, Read More