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Endings = Beginnings

Before I opened today’s meditation, I went out for my morning run.  It was a frosty morning; crisp and clear with signs of spring bursting out in small yellow flowers and pink blossoms on the trees. Throughout my run I Read More

Week 2: Mindfulness of the Body

This week’s meditations reminded me of the many ways I can use my daily activities as touchstones into my moment-to-moment experience. So often I find it fairly easy to get caught up in the rush of feeling the need to Read More

A Whole Lotta Sensation Going On

Whoa! I woke up on day 9 of the mediation challenge with a fierce case of vertigo.  This included an added does of nausea. I used today’s meditation to help quell these phenomena in my body by putting an open Read More

Walking in the Rain

I took today’s meditation practice outside to the canal trail for a walk in the rain. As I moved through space holding an umbrella, listening to the sound of raindrops splashing in puddles and on the leaves of the trees, Read More

The Distraction of the Running Dialogue

Sometimes the narrative I have running in my head can be quite compelling and utterly distracting. Today’s practice using “breath”/”not breath” helped me tame my urge to respond to the many thoughts. Quieting and allowing them to float off and Read More

Real Happiness: Flow

Today’s meditation of balancing tranquility and energy; calmness and alertness; relaxation and investigation reminded me of being in a state of flow. For me this is the experience of perfect tension like when I am running. If I run too Read More

She Said What?

Wow! How did I get to be such a mean girl? Offering compassion and a non-judgemental attitude toward myself is one of the most challenging aspects of not only my meditation practice but my daily life. This is especially true Read More

Counting breaths…

I found this practice easy…at first. As the meditation continued, however, I found that I need to go back to 1 quite a few times.  The more effort I made at trying to stay with the counting and my breath, Read More

Subtle Breath

My breath is very soft and subtle it almost seems like I am hardly breathing. Noting my breathing with the simple phrase in-out, focusing where the breath begins and ends, gives me the greatest sense of allowing and being without Read More

The Space Between

The space between hearing a sound and responding to it really resonated for me in today’s meditation. Some sounds seem meant to annoy (leaf blowers, the neighbor’s metal grinder, the old refrigerator that groans).  Because I suffer from tinnitus, there Read More